Future Ad Pro (Most Stable / Long Term)

*  Sign up membership is free. But there are upgraded memberships for bigger earnings.
*  You You can purchase surf-free days. The fee for one surf free day is 10% of your income of that day. You can book up to 50 days of surf-free days every year.
*  Simple, clean, easy to understand dashboard in your back office
*  FutureAdPro is a subsidiary of FutureNet platform. It is based in Ul Ułańska, Poland but also has a registered offshore address located at Majuro, Marshall Island.
*  The founder and CEO of the website are Stephan Morgenstern, Roman Ziemian and marketing director is Karolina Górska. Stephan has been working in MLM field for more than 25 years.
*  FutureNet has its own products which can help them to sustain for longer time. It is back up with social media platform, Landing Page System, Video Mail, Blog, Cloud, Website Templates, Momentum System, Games etc which adds to the revenue stream. Future Ad Pro can also generate income from the upgrade fees that members have to purchase to earn commissions from their different level of referrals. Premium ad spots will also be sold to be displayed on the social media page. As a result of the various income generating products, FutureAdPro has a high chance to be sustainable.
*  Various payments processors such as all major credit cards, banks transfer, dotpay, Western Union, bitcoin, Perfect Money, Neteller. They anticipate to launch their own ewallet system for hassle-free withdrawals and deposits.
*  Lucrative 5 level referral commission structure.
* Member incentives such as vacation trips, electronics and even cars.
-FutureAdPro has some great features which makes them more unique than other Revenue Sharing sites and those are:- (i) ID Verification so that system will be more secure from cheaters. (ii) More targeting advertisements for advertisers by setting gender, age, location, interests and more. (iii) Application for Android and IOS development. (iv) Career & Achievements Awards. (v) A Social Network That Pays YOU! (Login, Sharing, Like & other activities)

* All adpacks cost $50. Each adpack gives you 800 credits/visitors toward a website of your choice.
* Profit shares are paid out every 15 minutes until your pack matures to 120% or $60 in about 60 days.
* You must click 10 ads per day which are about 10 seconds each.
* There is a limit of 1000 adpacks a member can purchase. This prevent members with lots of cash coming into the program and depositing a lot of money, they quickly withdraw 60 days later, thus depleting funds inside the program. 
*  Every Single person Makes Money, in fact its impossible NOT to make money. If you sponsor others, the chance of them quitting the program is almost non-existent, because who’s going to quit when they’re making money. With other businesses such as MLM programs requiring monthly payment, generally over 90% quit.
*  You get real highly targeted traffic to your website. (Majority are buyers that are proven to buy over & over again)
*  My Conclusion: FutureAdPro is a stable rev-share program at the moment. From all indication the owners will not scam the members by taking their money and riding off into the sunset. FutureNet is growing and have added more benefits and features for the members and external customers to increase overall revenue and user experience. These include: *Bloging System - Create your own blog in just a few minutes, the annual cost for using this service is $3.75 per month. *Cloud Storage - Buy 100 GB of storage for $15 per month or refer others to it. *Video Mails System - Simply pick a template you want, upload the video and your video email is ready to go. *Landing Page System - allows you to create stunning landing pages for any business in minutes, this landing page system cost as low as $7.5 per month. *Worldwide Offices - Four new official Future Net offices will be open on 3 continents namely South America (Brasil), Asia (India, Indonesia) and Europe (Ukraine). *A marketing cooperation with BMW vehicle Franchise. *Withdrawals in Gold - Future Net is working hard to have the availabilty of withdrawals in gold take place in 2017. *e-Wallet & Prepaid Card - Future Net will provide its members with e-wallet and pre-paid card that can be used anywhere around the world. *Cafe Franchise Model - First Future Net coffee shop will be open next year in Poland. Future Net Cafe will be a franchise model all over the World. Shopping Platform - Future Net has launched their shopping platform with affiliate partnership with giants like Expedia, eBay, Amazon etc. You can book hotels, flights, find great deals etc. with over 300 million products.
               Not only can you earn money from the rev-share aspect but you can also earn from the social media side of the program. Further, remember that this is first an advertising program and then a rev-share program. so use your credits to advertise your online business; I am getting leads using my advertising credits. If you are accustomed to "Traffic Monsoon" this program is a good alternative because of similar priced adpacks and compensation. Due to the adpacks being priced at $50 each I would not recommend this to persons on a very low budget because it will take too long to see any meaningful results. However FAP just recently implemented adpacks costing just $10, but with a slow earning rev-share as this it's best to stick with $50 adpacks, if you can only afford $10 adpacks it is best to use one of the other rev-shares below, you will have better faster results, unless you are able to get a few paying referrals which will increase the speed by which you grow your adpacks through commission earnings. If you are unable to get referrals I would recommend starting with a minimum of 20 adpacks which is $1000 plus processor fees; the reason why I recommend 20 adpacks is because at this time (8/12/2016) each adpack earns about $0.50 to $0.75 daily. As a result with 20 adpacks you will earn about $10 every day; so every 5 days you will be able to buy a new adpack to grow your total amount of packs to at least 100. If you want to start with less than $1000 then please send me a message where I will try to custom design a strategy for you. This is a really good, long term, stable, profitable program. Get Started Now!

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